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To date, organizations rescuing others from human trafficking, the sex industry, drug addiction, alcoholism, gangs, abandonment, and other life controlling problems have been trained in India (Mumbai), Pakistan, South Africa, El Salvador, Jamaica, Aruba, Serbia, Swaziland, two more cities in India (Calcutta and Lucknow), Sri Lanka, Siberia, Russia, Canada (Ontario), Uzbekistan, USA (Sacramento), and Israel. 

Jewels 4 God will be training in the Dominican Repuplic, Macedonia, Uruguay, and the Czech Republic next as soon as resources ($10.000-$15,000 depending on the country) are available. 

This wise investment represents thousands upon thousands of dollors in future sales support and sustainability for each organization.  And, it empowers the students they are helping with a life changing job skill and a means of income so they can support themselves and their families.  However, the training provides much more than economic benefits.  What else does the training provide?   Learn More...

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