"After being trained, we sold over $40,000 USD worth of jewelry in the first two years!"

            K.K. Deveraj
            Executive Director 
Bombay Teen Challenge, India

"The first weekend after jewelry training we put our works for sale at a local gallery here where mostly Westerners and upper class Pakistanis shop.  We sold $800 USD worth of jewelry.  In the first four months, we sold over $5,000 USD worth!  Today we are operating our entire women's program through jewelry sales"
            Mark Brink 
            Executive Director 
Teen Challenge Pakistan

"Not only did my Mom and Sister-in-law think the jewelry was beautiful but everyone they showed it to has been very impressed.  After giving the one I made for our administrator's sister she responded, 'Exquisite!'  Within the first two months we already sold enough jewelry to recover our initial investment.  This fundraiser and craft is a real blessing to Teen Challenge Jamaica!  Just want to say a big thank you once again for helping Teen Challenge Jamaica in such a big way. We have just been given the opportunity to sell jewelry at the Dolphin Cove attraction six days a week every week, hundreds of tourist visit the Dolphin Cove daily!" 

            Karissa McCarter
               Former Executive Director 
               Teen Challenge Jamaica

             A student in South Africa making jewelry.


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