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Asiana Education Development (AED) has responded to the call of forgotten children in South Asia since 1994, serving war refugees and victims of natural disaster. Today, AED cares for over 7,000 marginalized and orphaned children in Sri Lanka with over 85 schools and two orphanages.

Following the tragic tsunami dissaster of 2004, Tim Zello responded immediately to a call for assistance from AED. Tim boarded a flight to South Asia, and sacrificially gave of his time energy and financial resources to ease the pain of one of the most horrific natural disasters of modern time: 55,000 people dead in less than 8 minutes in Sri Lanka alone.

Two years have passed since that tragic event, and today, AED is still responding by preparing young people who have lost everything, including family and parents in the tsunami, through vocational training and skill development projects.

Tim and Michelle Zello are responding to the call once again from AED to bring there talent in training and providing skill sets to these marginalized young people. We cannot stress enough the importance for Jewels 4 God responding to this need.

Looking into the face of Dunika, an orphan girl living at Samudra Sri Orphanage is turning 17 this month. She is no longer eligible for schooling, and there is no hope for her going to a university since she has no parents to advocate for her. Dunika’s future without training from Tim and Michelle would be quite limited, and the temptation for her to earn a living via prostitution is great.

We need Jewels 4 God ASAP in Sri Lanka to help Dunika, and all of the other girls approaching adulthood that have limited negotiable skills for survival.

Please support Jewels 4 God so they can help Dunika and others like her!

Adam Salmon
Asiana Education Development
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