February 19, 2008

Dear Tim,

Greetings from Teen Challenge Pakistan and all the staff here!

We are so thankful for your ministry and the impact that it has had in our New Hope ladies center. You came at a very key time in this work as it was just forming its staff, programs and reputation in the community. You came and trained seven of our staff and from this training our jewelry income project has expanded and grown. It has provided income to our women's home and also built the self esteem of the students as they see that they are valuable and can be creative. It has also given us access through jewelry shows in the community of Islamabad as embassies, locals, and internationals have seen the quality of the craftmanship. It has helped our reputation and visibility to expand in the community.

Would you please come back to Pakistan as your schedule and finances allow to train our men's staff in jewelry making also? We see this work as helping our men's program become self-sustaining and providing work therapy. Many heroin addicts come to us who are in poor physical condition and not able to do strenuous labor but need to learn a good work ethic. Jewelry making will give them the ability to work with their hands while building self worth. Thank you for considering this request. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Blessings on you and your ministry!

Mark J. Brink
Teen Challenge Pakistan