"Tying a woman's love of jewelry with teaching
  women vocational skills to help them support
  themselves and their families is nothing more than
  genius!  My prayer is that district Women's Ministries,
  local churches, and others will help launch Jewels 4 God
  in many more

                     Arlene Allen 
                     Director, National Womens Ministries Department
                     Editor, Woman's Touch


 "My heart is so touched by the services Jewels 4 God is
  providing.  As someone working with marginalized 
  persons I understand so well what an amazing impact
  this type of skill will have on others.  It raises their self
  worth and gives outlet to their creativeness.  I can't think
  of a more fitting way for we, as women, to be involved
  than by contributing start up funds to get a Jewels 4 God 
  micro-enterprise started.  Your giving will multiply
  over and over."
                     Dr. JoAnn Butrin, Director, International Service 
Ministries of the Assemblies of God World Missions


 "Exciting, Innovative, and Dynamic... Jewels 4 God 
  is helping Teen Challenge support itself around the

                     Don Wilkerson, Founder, Global Teen Challenge

   "When I heard the concept of taking the creative talents,
  abilities, and gifts God has freely given to us and using
  them in a way that would help bring salvation and hope to
  others I was so excited. People in pain want to get out of
  pain, so many turn to drugs just like I did. What I wouldn't
  have done to have someone tell me there was a place I
  could go or a trade I could learn to start a new life. The
  opportunities for marginalized people overseas to learn a
  skill to support themselves are very few. Often their cries
  for help are never heard and they die helpless and
  hopeless.  To me, Jewels 4 God is a life preserver being
  thrown to them - practical help and a glimmer of hope!  I
  highly encourage you to generously give to Jewels 4 God. 
  Please know that every time they teach more people will be
  rescued by the organizations they train. I cannot think of a
  more worthy cause to financially bless."
Tana Miller, Women's Ministries Director 
                        Southern New England District


 "How thrilled I was to learn about this God-inspired way to 
  link the natural creativity of women and their love for
  beauty with restoring hope to lives that have been
  stripped of both.  After seeing first-hand the amazing
  quality of the jewelry you are teaching these rescued 
  women to make (and making my own purchase!), I am sure
  the possibilities of touching lives through Jewels 4 God
  are limitless.  I hope others will join me in creating links to
  their websites and in promoting this brilliant concept.  I 
  love the fact that you are teaching them a skill that will
  move them toward financial stability and a future that
  includes hope and self-respect.  Way to go...keep up the
  great work!  This in 'bling' I can believe in!"
                    Jodi Detrick, Women's Ministries Director 
                    Northwest Ministry Network

   "Tim and Michelle Zello are passionate about God and  
  I love bringing their vision and testimony to my
  area of influence.  Their message is clear,
"Use what
  is in your hands to help others."
  How simple is that! 
  They are training others to make an excellent product 
  of beauty for God's glory.  I love it!"

                    Christy English, Women's Ministries Director
                    West Florida District

   "God is using Tim and Michelle Zello to impact the lives of
  hurting people around the world.  Jewels 4 God is an
  innovative means of providing employment, teaching a
  valuable skill, and developing self-esteem for those
  overcoming life controlling habits while providing
  much need operational funding for organizations involved
  in rescuing others.  I can't think of a ministry more
  worthy of our support than one like Jewels 4 God that
  gives a future and hope to those in need."
                        Ruth Puleo, Women's Ministries Director
                        Pennysylvania-Deleware District
   "I’ve just returned from a cruise where I took 25 Oklahoma
  women to Jamaica. We visited the men’s Teen Challenge
  in Ochos Rios and after the service they had jewelry for
  sale!  It was beautiful!  I bought a lovely white and black
  pearl necklace."  
               Linda Stamps-Dissmore, Women's Ministries Director
               Oklahoma District

    "In meeting Tim and Michelle Zello, I was immediately moved 
  by the passion in their voices as they shared the purpose
  and ministry of Jewels 4 God.  Each new ministry and 
  country that they aspire to take their ministry to represents 
  many lives that will be given a financial future and an eternal
  hope.  If your mission is to 'rescue the perishing,' than
  Jewels 4 God is a viable means of doing that!  Thanks for
  sharing your ministry with our ladies and allowing them to be
  a part of a dynamic life-changing opportunity!"  
               Linda Morrison, Women's Ministries Director
               New York District

"How exciting that Jewels 4 God is using the artistic gift of making stunning jewelry to help less fortunate people.  Thanks for sharing your mission with our ladies."
                   Linda M. Webb, Women's Ministries Director, Potomac District

I was first introduced to Jewels 4 God at a women's conference in the Twin Cities area.  The jewelry caught my eye, but the ministry caught my heart.  

                     Carrie Paulson, First Presbyterian Church, Albert Lee, Minnesota

"We showed some samples to our Board at our meeting this week, they are more excited about this project than any other we've tried. Our chairman bought a nice set for his wife. This is so awesome you guys are sharing this gift with Teen Challenge, this is surely going to be a key source of support for many centers."
                      Karissa McCarter, Former Executive Director, Teen Challenge Jamaica

"We're praying for you that God will continue to use Jewels 4 God to help centers like ourselves to become self sustainable. This is a tremendous blessing to Teen Challenge."

                      Jacobus Nomdoe, Executive Director, Teen Challenge South Africa

"It is so great to hear how many nations are making a call for Jewels 4 God.  We just received an email from the Teen Challenge Director in Jamaica where their jewelry sales is a thriving business in Jamaica.  Thanks for everything you are doing for us."

                      Freddy Beisum, Executive Director, Teen Challenge Aruba

"Your vocational training is such a great idea!  Thank you so much for coming to our Women's Ministry meeting.  I really enjoyed hearing you speak."

                      Krystal Schoch, Hazel River Assembly of God, Rixeville, Virginia

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A staff member of Teen Challenge
Pakistan making jewelry