May 29, 2012

Dear Tim,

Pleased receive a greeting from the ministry in the Dominican Republic! Thank you for your willingness to come to and train our women in making handcrafted jewelry.

So many people come to us wanting to be free from the bondage of sin and addiction. The ability for us to offer the ladies vocational training helps in their transformation and provides them with self-worth, concentration skills, and work ethic. The vocational training program offers to the student a new ways of living as a person and also in the society.

Teen Challenge Dominican Republic, through the jewelry department program, has been able to generate fresh income for the ministry. With the skills and materials that Jewels 4 God will bring we believe that income will significantly increase and help our ministry to become further self-sustaining.

Today we ask the ministry JEWELS 4 GOD to pray and see if there is a possibility to come to Santiago Teen Challenge to train not just the women’s program but also some of the student in the men’s program.

Dominican Republic has become a transshipment point for South American drugs destined for the US and Europe. Narcotics traffickers favor the Dominican Republic for illicit financial transactions and for significant consumption.

Dominican Republic has the highest lifetime and current use of alcohol and marijuana, and the highest current use of cocaine and crack. That is why your involvement with the Teen Challenge is a great investment in changing lives because with your training help us to provide access to a safe place, appropriate nutrition, a clean environment, vocational training program, plus trained staff with character and servant hood qualities. They are taught biblical values in classes through our academic program. All these items are essential in breaking the cycle of addicted behavior and help the Teen Challenge student reach his or her God – given purpose in life.

Thank you for your labor of love, gifting, talent and your support!

Together in the Services of Christ,

Rev. Jose R. Martinez
Director, Santiago Teen Challenge