Tim Zello

 Jewels 4 God International is a 
 501(c)3 non-profit organization
 dedicated to empowering people
 in need.

 "Give others a fish and feed them 
  once.  Teach them to fish and
  feed them for a lifetime."

 Michelle Zello

Our Purpose

To train faith-based organizations in making and marketing quality handcrafted jewelry to help them become sustainable and to provide viable job skills and professional counseling services for the exploited, marginalized and disenfranchised people with whom they work assuring their successful re-integration into society, employability, and financial independence.

Jewels 4 God is committed to providing economic opportunities and mental health development to a wide range of peoples in diverse cultures in need of self-worth, vocational training, and employment.

Meet Tim & Michelle Zello (read bio).

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